Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wedding & Honeymoon, Part I

So we are back from our honeymoon to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. It was a long trip since the flight was near 24 hours each way when you include lay-over time. Anyways, I suppose I should write about the wedding first before we get to the honeymoon part.

I don't remember if I've told you all before, but our wedding was at the zoo. Originally, we were going to have our ceremony at the Gorilla deck then reception at the Panda's place. But the day of the wedding, we've checked the weather and it turns out it would get really chilly at night. In order to avoid making everyone miserable, we would have to move the reception indoors. When we first signed our contract with the zoo, they've told us that once we've decided to move our wedding indoors, we would have to move both the ceremony and the reception indoors. That would have been terrible since we paid a small fortune of money to put red lanterns up in the Panda's place and the color there (i.e. red & gold) resembles the theme of our wedding and matches Lisette's dress perfectly. Fortunately, I was able to convince the zoo to set up the ceremony in the Panda's and move only the reception indoors. It worked out perfectly at the end!

Here is a sneek peek of what it looked like. Enjoy!


  1. Hi sean, wow the pictures are gorgeous you should post them on the blog here ! congratulations, sorry i haven't been active blogging for sometime i just logged in today and came to check in wow im so happy to hear you are married now!

  2. Thanks! But it would just take forever to post and takes up lots and lots of space. So I thought the link would be good. It's great to have you back!